Four fresh beats for Van Coke

Francois van Coke collaborates with four local artists on his latest album.

Francois van Coke is back in the studio working with four-local artists for his new four track EP.

The rocker with the career spanning over two decades, says music still remains his first love and he plans to keep on pushing out music until he can’t anymore.

Francois, who grew up in Bellville, rose to fame as the front man of rock bands Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Kartel. His first show was at Bellville civic centre at the age of 15 and he has been playing ever since.

Born in Gauteng, his parents moved to Bellville when he was little – a move which he says contributed greatly to the music he made in his earlier days.

“I wrote about getting out of the ‘suburbia’. Cape Town had been like a mystical place to us, somewhere we would only go on the rare occasion,” he says.

In 2015 he decided it was time to go solo, having been in bands his entire career. That year he released his self-titled debut solo album.

His single, Toe Vind Ek Jou, featuring Karen Zoid, gave his solo career the boost it needed when it reached platinum status.

The music video was named the biggest Afrikaans music video of 2015.

“I took some time out in 2014 and just wrote music for myself and tried other genres. It showed me that I could do music on my own as well.”

In 2017 he released his second solo album, Hierdie is die Lewe, which saw him touring the country and even the Netherlands.

Coming off the success of the album, Francois decided to team up with artists Jack Parow, Laudo Liebenberg, Early B and Die Heuwels Fantasties for the new four-track album with a show planned in Pretoria in September.

“I didn’t want to do a full-length album,” he says.

On his collaborations, Francois says that while he is a rock musician at heart, he is always up for exploring new avenues. He says the sound of the EP can best be described as a rap/rock combo.

As for the future, Francois plans to release another full-length album, but most of all he wants to keep on making music.